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Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is one of the most fantastic natural wonders pf the world. The locals call it “Mosi-oa-Tunya” to mean the falls are exceptional and the smoke that rumbles. There is magic manifested in the towering of sprinkles when the river is soaring, the roar of the falling water, the tranquil lagoons the terrifying abyss in which deadly crocodiles and hippo creep. The Victoria Falls 1707m broad, rendering it the largest water curtain in the universe. It drops between ninety meters and one hundred and seven meters into the Gorge Zambezi. Victoria Falls inspires visitors today as it did in the 1860’s to David Livingstone. The surrounding area and the falls have been declared a World Heritage Site and National Parks hence preserving the area from further commercialization. The rivers flood season is February to May with April as the peak. The minimum flow in November is averagely a tenth of the April number. Victoria Falls Accommodation has guest rating options, rate, and grading. Victoria Falls town lies on the southern Zambezi River bank on the eastern end of the Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls Airport has international flights to Namibia and Johannesburg and is 18km south of Victoria Falls town.

Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls Hotel
Victoria Falls Hotel

It is located in 2 Mallet Drive, phone details: +2631344751. The website features are pacro@africansunhotels.com. Originally built by the British in 1904, was conceived as workers accommodation on the Cape-Cairo railway. It is a famous luxury brand today and a member of The Leading Hotels Of The World. Arched loggias, broad verandas and serene lily ponds offering magnificent vistas seem custom built for a relaxed tonic and gin or high tea with a path leading to the falls, a 10-minute walk away. Some rooms offer beautiful views of the bridge and gorges below. The Livingstone Room usually closed on Sundays is the ideal place to dine in during your visit. They have a relaxed dress code but do not rock your sandals. This is the place to eat offering Mains at only $15-25. This hotel is near to the Seven-Eleven grocery store offering you with other food options. Drinks, snacks, food and camping supplies are available too. Victoria Falls Hotel is among the most romantic hotels in Africa with a grand old faded feeling to it. The Queen Mother stayed here during her visit. Breathtaking views from the well-manicured lawns to the railway bridge with the sprays from the falls is surreal. It is featured with swimming pools, clean rooms, airport transfers, in-house bar and restaurant, and lovely gardens and pools with elegant sports bars. It also offers safari themed elegance reasonably priced buffet dinner and a great casino. The charges per night are averagely over $100 so come prepared.

Victoria Falls City

Victoria Falls City
Victoria Falls City

It is a town in western Zimbabwe, near Botswana, and across the border from Livingstone in Zambia. Victoria Falls city lies just next to the falls. They are obviously the major tourist attraction, but they offer other opportunities for a longer vacation for both sightseers and adventure seekers. It is Zimbabwe’s busiest tourist destination.There is a lot of price fixing and cartelization with activities and accommodation prices suspiciously high. Victoria Falls city is more expensive compared to other Zimbabwe destinations. The park is open throughout the year, in the rainy(December-March) and dry(April-October) seasons. The rainy season offers you with dramatic falls, sometimes obscuring your view due to all the spray.You are likely to get wet too. The dry season has the falls underwhelming. You will, however, experience both the rocky gorge and the falls which are a good deal. You might even swim in the Devils pool. You can get in Victoria Falls by air, train, bus according to your plans. Some of the activities you might experience are canoeing, white water rafting, sunset cruises, gorge-swing, canopy tour helicopter ride and microlight flights.

Victoria Falls Airport

Victoria Falls Airport
Victoria Falls Airport

South African and British Airways offer daily flights between Victoria Falls and Johannesburg. Air Zimbabwe offers flights between other Zimbabwe destinations and Victoria Falls Airport. Please check if Air Zimbabwe is operating during your visits time since their schedule is unreliable of late. Flights from South Africa to the neighboring Livingstone are cheap. Straight flights from Nelspruit Airport to Livingstone are likely to take place three times a week. Flights from Nelspruit to Victoria Falls must pass through Johannesburg. There is a flight in Zambia, which offers cheap last-minute flights from Lusaka to Livingstone Airport in case you are lucky.

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